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Hey, all! We want to show you Swagbucks, a really neat service we found recently. So we all buy stuff, right? Well some of this stuff, if you buy it through Swagbucks, will actually get you gift cards or cash! Just from buying the same things you buy already! Neat concept right? We love the concept.

Let’s explore this system in more detail. We could not wait to break it down. We really wanted to know if it is worthwhile. The paid search option to earn even works well. You can check it out here:

Get Paid Just for Searching the Web!

Always hungry for knowledge, we had to go straight to the source to start.

Hi, Swagbucks! Can you please briefly explain to our readers? We have gotten many questions. They want to know what your site is about. They also want to know exactly how it can help them. Thanks!

Swagbucks is a great resource for people looking eliminate debt or stay disciplined in their budgeting, as the gift cards you get through the program can be used for offsetting necessary costs or for extra spending/budget expansion.”

Perfect, we will research your site in depth. After our diligent research, we will write a review. If this is true we will write a promotional article. However, if these claims are false our article will be a warning instead.
So we are here to tell you this is not a warning. Our research proved these bold claims to shockingly be absolutely true. We are impressed!

Swagbucks Review

General Points

  • Swagbucks is a legitimate consumer rewards site. Users earn points (called SB) from doing everyday online activities. Like taking surveys, watching videos, discovering trial offers, and searching the Internet. Users redeem their SB for PayPal or Visa cash and gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target and other great retailers.

  • Each activity awards a different amount of SB. As soon as you have accumulated 300 SB (which you can do in an afternoon) you can redeem for a $3 gift card. Or save, and redeem 500 SB for a $5 card or 1000 SB for $10.  There’s no limit to how much you can redeem. They often run specials on gift cards, such as being able to redeem 2200 SB for a $25 Amazon Card every month.

  • Users like Swagbucks for the huge variety of earning offers and high-quality experience that the site offers. Especially when stacked up against many other online survey sites out there, Swagbucks consistently offers you so many different and fun ways to earn money every day.

  • Swagbucks measures its success by the value of gift cards its users redeem. To date, Swagbucks users have redeemed over $150,000,000 in cash and gift cards from using the site.

  • Swagbucks is a global brand, with over 20 million active users in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, India and Australia and 2.5 million followers on social media platforms.

  • Swagbucks has been around since 2008 and has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, the leading consumer watchdog organization.



  • Answers

    Earn FREE Gift Cards to your favorite stores!

      • Description: Share your opinion and get free gift cards, it’s that simple. Our members take thousands of personalized surveys from top brands and agencies every day

    Get Paid for letting brands know what you’re thinking

    • What to expect: You earn 40-300 SB per completed survey, depending on the survey’s length and 1 SB for every survey disqualification or over capacity, up to 5 SB per day.
  • Watch

    • Description: Watch short videos from leading content sites and redeem points for cash (via Paypal) or free gift cards
    • What to expect: Earn 1-4 SB per set 4-8 of video clips, with ad breaks between each. There are so many different earning opportunities available here on both mobile and desktop, and you can earn as much as $5 every day on Watch alone if you do them all. Video sets are themed, so you can play actual comedy skits, cooking shows, sports, and other YouTube viral vids on your phone or computer while you watch TV or study.  This is a great passive way to earn free gift cards every month
  • Shop

    • Description: Shop at the online stores of over 1000 retailers including Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart, and get cash back along with coupons, deals, and special discounts
    • What to expect: earn up to 20% Cash Back, in the form of SB, when you shop online at your favorite retailers through Swagbucks. During the holidays, when retailers are having their biggest sales, Swagbucks often doubles or triples the amount of Cash Back they offer for select retailers, netting you even more savings.
  • Discover

    • Description: Find activities that reward you for the way YOU enjoy spending your time online – plenty of options from a rich network of partners and stores
    • What to expect: Sign up for trial offers and get large amounts of SB and free or very cheap deals, especially if you are willing to input a credit card number. Just remember to set a diary reminder to decide whether to keep the offer or cancel before the trial expires. A few months ago, I signed up for 3 months of Spotify premium for 99 cents and earned 500 SB for my troubles.
  • Search

    Get Paid Just for Searching the Web!

    • Description: Earn SB while you Search the internet with Yahoo.
    • What to expect: Swagbucks Search awards varying amounts of SB to you randomly, so every time you would google something, like “What time is the match?”, you stand to earn anywhere from 4-30 SB. Default your search to Swagbucks in order to make use of this feature, and you can earn SB without even thinking about it.
  • Play

    • Description: Enjoy rewards for playing popular games from providers such as Game Show Network (GSN) – popular titles like Wheel of Fortune, Bejeweled Blitz, and Scrabble Cubes.
    • What to expect: Unless you are into buying GSN tokens, you can’t earn many SB this way, usually only 1-10 SB per game, but the games are actually pretty fun and many are free to play so this is a great break option for your study sessions.

Tips and Tricks

  • Get cards from retailers with whom you would spend money regardless, so that you are actually saving money, rather than just spending extra. Don’t want to spend any money? Redeem for their PayPal cards and put that cash straight into your bank.

  • The videos are a great way to earn passive SB – just have them playing in the background as you finish your homework or watch TV and earn SB all day long.

  • Download the Swagbucks App on Android or iOS to earn even more SB through Swagbucks Mobile

  • If you have ever tried to get paid for taking online surveys before, you will know that you don’t qualify for all of them and you can be disqualified, often after you have already answered a few questions. One reason Swagbucks is such a great earning opportunity for students is they pay you a small amount even if you don’t qualify for a survey. You get your first five Disqualifications or Over Filled survey attempts every day. Max out on these freebie points every day.

  • Take the Daily Poll and other ‘daily’ to-do list items for easy SB every day.

  • Complete your Daily Goal every day in order to get a 10% bonus on your day’s earnings and be eligible for Winning Streaks that pay out lots of additional bonus SB at the end of the month depending on how many goals you achieve in a row.

  • Check The Swag Blog regularly for promotions on how to get free SB, through exclusive Swag Codes, contests, and team challenges.

  • Default your search engine to Swagbucks (it’s powered by Yahoo.) to earn SB just for typing in a search online.

  • For US users, every month, you can get your first $25 Gift Card for 2200 SB, rather than the standard 2500 SB, saving you $3. Make sure you earn enough to take advantage of this crazy discount on cash.

  • Download the SwagButton Chrome Browser extension to be alerted whenever a new SwagCode (for free SB redemptions) is available or when you are on a website that earns you SB for your purchase

But why are they different? Why is Swagbucks the best?

Swagbucks is very different in many good ways from similar sites. We have tried several reward sites, we don’t like most of them. With most similar sites it is very hard and slow to earn rewards. Most of them are a waste of time and you will not even get anything back. Don’t waste our time with the bs! Ok, Swagbucks we’ll give you a shot. But if your site is like the rest we hope you don’t expect a good review. Here at RRC we are brutally honest, good or bad, we don’t hold back. Most reward sites we found were useless wastes of time. But SwagBucks is not on our blacklist of such sites. Because they are winners.

Our first experience of the site actually wowed us. We were not expecting so much value.
The site is very clean, and the rewards clearly labeled. Unlike fake sites who are far less transparent.

For such an easy to use site, and such great rewards this had better be real we thought.
Otherwise, it’s gutter review and not recommend, please be real we hoped. Our users need this!

To quote their site, “Swagbucks lets you earn FREE gift cards for taking
surveys, watching videos, shopping online and more!”

So many people earn these cards, this is not fake. We did our research, they are real.

Customer support is prompt and courteous. The site is simple to use, and the rewards are easy to redeem. Amazing, we don’t have to nail them to the wall! A diamond in the rough! We found a high quality, worthwhile rewards site to help our users. Therefore, Rebuild Repair Credit can proudly recommend them. Because we know we will not have anyone coming back to us upset. We love happy users, thanks SB.

In conclusion, we hope you see as well- Swagbucks is a deal!

In summary, you buy stuff and do these things anyway. Because they help you get rewards for with their easy and simple system. To conclude, there are many ways to earn and get paid with Swagbucks. Here at RRC, we love choices. So give them a try today, you will not regret it!

Get Paid Cash for the everyday things you do online

Sorry if we sound overly excited but we can not wait to go earn some rewards. Very happy to see a working rewards site that is not a total waste of time. The rewards clearly save you a lot of money in the long run. Enjoy Swagbucks, we will promote them for a long time. As long as we keep getting the great rewards and our users are as happy as we are! Thanks Swagbucks for not being terrible like the rest.

Swagbucks won our 2016 RRC award for the best rewards site!