Quake Champions Beta Test Review

Quake Champions Beta Test Intro

Welcome to my review of Quake Champions Beta Test. Leisure is important and quality leisure time is priceless. How about some frugal free summer fun? Let me begin by saying I am a long time Quake fan. Since beginning in 1996 Quake has created top-tier fast paced arena shooter games. So the latest development Quake Champions will be judged by a strict standard of quality gameplay that fans have come to know and love. Sit tight, because I doubt this game will disappoint either one of us! I’ll show you some of my best brief highlight clips worth watching. Also, a longer video of me failing against some tournament level elite players.

Quake Champions Beta Test

Quake Champions Beta Test Character “Clutch”

About The Quake Champions Beta Test

First, do you want to play a great game before it is released? Do you have decent hardware that is capable? Playing a beta game does require patience. You are playing a game that is under development. There will be bugs and glitches as they figure out how to program it. Your ‘job’ as a beta tester is to play the game and find them. So since you are not playing a finished game do not expect perfection. If you are ready let’s move on to some video that will surely make you want to play. I have already had a lot of fun with it I know you will too.

Quake Champions Beta Test

Quake Champions Beta Test Character “NYX”

How Quake Champions Came To Be

To begin, please allow me to quote the Quake Champions home page, “20 years ago, Quake set new standards for multiplayer competition and pushed the boundaries for graphics and gameplay. The fast, skill-based arena-style competition that turned the original Quake games into multiplayer legends is making a triumphant return with Quake Champions.” They advertise that Quake Champions will run at classic Quake speed. That would be an amazing feat with modern graphics. But no way, they can not really do that. Or can they? Well, the characters look great. Backgrounds are beautiful. Excellent use of colors and sounds. Oh, and that classic awesome Quake announcer I have come to love.

Quake Champions Beta Test

Quake Champions Beta Test Rocket Launcher

How To Get Owned Or Fragged a Lot

So if you want to play the Quake Champions Beta as soon as possible watch this video first. Granted, I am not a great highly skilled Quake player anymore. However, I am not a total newbie either. See this video of me getting destroyed by a championship player. Easy to learn, hard to master. Typical Quake style if you are a fan of the series.  If you watch closely, you can see me learning as I play. But be prepared to be fragged as you learn. Here is my video of learning how to play Quake Champions. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it. Please, do not judge my terrible playing. I badly lagged due to internet issues. However, you can see the game running on Ultra crispy fast. Blistering even, in typical Quake style. Yup, this game is great. Check it out now, click here.

Quake Champions Beta Test

Quake Champions Beta Test “Humiliation” 

Quake Champions Beta Test Highlight Reel

I wanted to share a couple favorite clips from my Quake Champions Beta Test so far. As I said before, I was playing very experienced players. They were training for the upcoming Quake World Championships with the $1 million dollar prize pool. So let me tell you, these people were out for fraggs. That said, I do have some skills from playing the older games. We do not generally chat while in a game. Not even a peep. But I made them stop playing to type funny things like :O and oiiiii from my moves. Haha, they did not see these skills coming! Again, I love the announcer. Since I was the underdog he was rooting for me to get some fraggs. So in these clips, you can hear him go nuts about these crazy good moves! Clip #1 “Tele-Frag”    &    Clip #2 “Humiliation”

Quake Champions Beta Test

Quake Champions Beta Test: Perforation aka TeleFrag

Summary and Quake Champions Beta Test Key

To conclude, if you are a fan of first-person shooters, Quake, or games at all you should give this one a try. Quake Champions will be around for a long time and the Quake Champions Beta Test will not last forever. So get your Quake Champions Beta Test Key By Clicking Here Now. Also, friend me on there and we can play together. Just search RebuildRepairCr (same as my Twitter Account follow me there). Oh and please check my review of an awesome free credit score site here. Thanks!