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Progress Update December 2016

Hello! Joshua here again with progress update December 2016! I will begin with a personal update then a few updates on RRC as well. This should be an informative read and give you an idea what is going on. I have got some exciting news for sure! 2016 will go out with a boom and 2017 is poised to be very productive. So without further delay please enjoy my December 2016 progress update.

On a Personal Note – Progress Update December 2016

Jeannie is going back to the hospital soon. She will hopefully be released to work. The c-section was very rough on her. Lady Liberty, our daughter tried to step out foot first! So they needed an emergency c-section. Happy to report despite a few scary moments they are both doing well now. I have been doing lots of cleaning, as any parent does. Also, spending extra time with my three girls has been priceless.

Progress update december 2016

Daddy Joshua with newborn daughter Liberty.


Bills and Credit Update – Progress Update December 2016

Trying to fight our bills to accept lower payments until Jeannie is working again. My credit score tanked by 100 pts when one of my credit cards reported a late payment. I complained because I have made around 500 on time payments on my credit file. Also, because my on time was at 100% prior. I had to talk to a manager to get this done. They said that it would be illegal to remove it because it was valid. I said it would be illegal not to remove it because we both agreed to accept my low payment ($20) that month. Therefore, my minimum payment that month shifted to $20. Finally, I said no payment was late and reporting that incorrectly is illegal. My scores rocketed back up 100 points as this information was corrected. So, a victory for my credit score and reports there.


RRC – Progress Update December 2016

I am very happy to say that RRC has been thriving! I hope you enjoy the new logo design. So I do love my 90s style glittery creation. However, it is too intense for those prone to seizures. The Twitter account for RRC has now grown to nearly 1900 followers! I am in hot pursuit of free credit reports and scores for all. So hold your seat for some great updates very soon! Other minor tweaks and adjustments for sure.

Also, please give a warm welcome to several new staff members. Now I am running several websites other than RRC. I have added several editors, and even more high-quality writers. Also, a guest admin that also works for the DoD. So you know RRC is safe. I will get it as close to DoD spec security as I can for all without wasting money. Several intern staff freelance or are for hire. These people rock! So contact us and I will gladly put you in touch. Giving my personal recommendation based on your need.

RRC Exciting News! – Progress Update December 2016

Finally, I am proud to report that Rebuild Repair Credit is rapidly growing. So on that note, I have some awesome news! The best and most amazing journalist I have ever met wants to interview me! Wow! I am so beyond words grateful! Her name is Lucy Lazarony and her resume is so impressive it truly speaks for itself. I met her in person at FinCon. So of the thousands of people I met, Lucy was in the top five. She struck me as the April O’ Neal of the finance world. That amazing journalist and writer you just know you would hire if you could. Just knowing her intrigue, intelligence, eloquence, and drive move the biggest mountains.

How I met Lucy Lazarony the Writer and Journalist

Finally, at FinCon I had a chat with credit repair expert Beverly Harzog, Lucy Lazarony, myself and many others. However, many others stood around taking notes while we talked. We spent an hour and it was exceptionally informative and productive. Beverly Harzog’s resume is living legend great as well! Literally, cannot express how humbled I was to meet her. So, I met two new celebrity level awesome friends. Check them out for sure!

For my readers, only the best writer and journalist will do

Now sure, I have written content online for many years. Although I am an established blogger, I stay humble. So in my career, I have written for Demand Media via Ehow, RRC, and others. Now that is a decent online writing career. But Lucy, on the other hand, her experience is downright stunning. So be shocked and wowed, I sure am! Ready?

Lucy Lazarony’s resume is the literal envy of any intelligent high-quality finance writer and journalist. She has written top quality content for Bankrate, Forbes, MSN, Fox Business,, and more for years. I humbled and honored to assist someone of her skill and merit.

December 2016 Progress Update A Conclusion

Finally, I am looking ahead to 2017 with great vision and drive. Not to say by any means I’m going to let a moment of 2016 go to waste. In summary, this interview and article will be: well researched, top quality, and insightful. Bookmark and share right now. I will be sure to link this amazing content smack dab on our home page. Yes, I already know and state as fact, it will be that awesome. So give it a read once it goes live! Her article is set to be released live on, a huge site. Personally, I can not wait to read it! Love you all, thanks for reading as always. Wishing you the happiest holidays yet from our family to yours!