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Welcome to Rebuild Repair Credit! We take your privacy and security seriously. So personal information is not collected and stored unless required.


RRC uses the latest in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). An internet staple for security and encryption technology. So this protects RRC users from phishing, malware, viruses, and other malicious uses of data. However, third-party sites are not controlled by us.  So please, always use your best judgment while surfing the web.



First, RRC uses cookies to understand how users interact with our site. Secondly, cookies are used by the third-parties supporting our site.  Currently, you are granted permission to reject all cookies and continue use of the site. Finally, our use of cookies will not track your personally identifiable information.



Privacy policy and site use terms may change at any time. It is the user’s sole responsibility to stay up to date with any changes. Also, the users’ responsibility to be sure they agree and comply.



First, no warranties expressed, written, or implied. So we will not accept liability for actions of any other party. If RRC has inadvertently violated any copyright, fair use, or any other agreement please contact us for immediate resolution. But again, we cannot accept liability for anything out of our direct and immediate control. We strive to maintain an environment that is safe for everyone. Please bring any copyright/liability/legal problem to our attention by contacting us and we promise to respond directly to your issue.


No nonsense – No hassle – No problems

Everything here is no-nonsense. Our terms are easy to accept. So no vague and hard to understand language like most places. Everyone should have no problem accepting our policies. If you need a deeper understanding feel free to contact us. Our mission is to be clear, direct, and informative. No hassle or high-pressure pitches. You will not have a problem here. If you do, again, please contact us.



Have any issues, complaints, raves, problems etc? Please contact us! Finally, we welcome all site feedback. So once again, please feel free to contact us.



We wish you the very best life possible. Our mission is to help. Because we treat people with respect and your mission is truly ours.



In conclusion, thank you for reading our privacy policy. Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!