Post-Summer Update Rebuild Repair Credit


Well, it’s (past) that time again! Post summer update time. So without further delay here it is, another progress update on Rebuild Repair Credit. To answer reader questions: What has been happening? What is new? What have you been so busy doing? How about future plans for RRC? So sit tight, I’ll get to all of those and a few more. If you listen closely I will even share some secret knowledge I learned recently! Always something new with credit and finance!

What is new with you, Joshua Crum? Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

First, thanks for asking! I get asked this a lot and honestly, I can never answer this question all at once. There are simply far too many things I am busy doing at any given time to explain! This is just a rant of a tiny fraction. A lot of unseen work goes on most will never know. However, they see the amazing progress after. Just wait, more awesome to come!

Summer Update

Pink Lady Apple Tree

Operation Organic and Local Source Food: Suburban Farmer Mode Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor winters and spring prep work since fall is here. This means tilling our garden, fertilizing everywhere, and lots of rain requiring water erosion control. I’ve begun insulating our home and chicken coop area. Also, continuing our landscaping. Here is our Pink Lady apple tree that looked like it was going to die when I bought it. You could never tell now.

Chickens Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

Speaking of chickens everything has been trying to eat them! This has proven very challenging. One day recently in 24 hours an owl, a raccoon, and a cat all tried breaking in to eat them! I poured concrete all around the coop to prevent anymore digging. This operation required a lot more money than it seemed at first glance. To do it humanely and correctly that is. Our hens have plenty of space and are very well cared for. Chickens for eggs overall has been a success. Our hens are safe, happy, and laying plenty of eggs! We are currently getting 2-3 per day.

Summer Update


Loving ‘Meeting’ All my New Clients Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

Many new clients lately, so many I’ve had to reorganize how I do things a bit. However, I am been helping significantly more people on a one on one basis and that is wonderful. I love every single one of my clients. It thrills me to see them thrive in life after my help. I treat each of my clients like friends and family and they really feel the love! Many happy people doing better, perfect! So be sure to get a free credit score and just ask if you have any credit or financial questions! I am here to help. Hope you understand I truly love doing what I do and would be delighted to help.

Summer Family Time Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

I’ve been spending lots of priceless family time over the summer.

Family life has been challenging as well. Let’s not forget I’m a triple full-time father first. My girls all love their daddy time and will not go without. Our 15 year old badly wants to take driver’s education but that might not happen. She refuses to focus on school work or work in general. This generations entitled runs very deeply. She is maturing but the school was very hesitant and did not schedule her for driver’s education. Let me tell you how heartbroken she is but that’s life. You have to be responsible and mature if you want freedom and nice things.

The babies have been generally very well. Gabrielle who is two will talk your ear off better than most four-year-olds. I now understand the phrase terrible twos. She is running around everywhere and into everything! It’s been impossible to prevent and keep fully cleaned up after. She loves to give daddy hugs and kisses on the cheek. Liberty our 10-month-old is learning to talk and beginning to crawl. Lots of time and love go into our children who deserve it most and above all.

Summer Update

Gabrielle, my daughter.

What is New With Rebuild Repair Credit? Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit


Again, thank you for all for asking! This is another question I have gotten a lot. I have been working overtime to be sure RRC provides the best user experience. This included many aspects like hosting, adjusting affiliates and speeding up the site in many ways. Deeply time-consuming but this work is not often seen. Some say I am wasting my time on RRC and helping people. I am sure to let them know their opinion is null and void. I know a great investment when I see one. That’s why I constantly invest in RRC. Also, readers and clients just like you.

Income and Advertisers Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

I have removed a couple terrible affiliates. I’ll be very kind and not name them- due to non-payment. So let me get this straight, you want me to advertise for you? OK, I’m listening. But wait, you don’t want to help support RRC? Thanks, I will pass. Seriously, do not approach to advertise if you refuse to help support this site. It takes a lot of hard work and money to run any site on the internet. Rebuild Repair Credit is no exception. I consider most ads low quality and a degradation to RRC’s quality. Any ads generally degrade your user experience.

Only Top Quality Advertisers Pledge Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

However, there are true gems. I have hand-picked amazing partners. They are worthwhile for both users and RRC. I want my users to know that any ads or links on Rebuild Repair Credit are trustworthy and of the highest quality. There are many scams on the internet. RRC goes well above and beyond to keep its users safe. I don’t post any link that I would not personally visit. RRC refuses to partner with any service that is bad for readers or RRC. I am still open to top quality partnerships but please understand most applications are rejected.

Removing a large ad chunk improved overall site speed. I went deeply into page speed optimizations to deliver the site to you as fast as possible. I have lost at least six months of sleep to learn to code enough to provide this. My goal was to make the site more reachable for slower mobile device connections. So I hope the new speed increases find you well.

New Host SiteGround Is Amazing! Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

I changed hosting providers to deliver a faster server response time. Site migration was terrible but greatly eased by the new amazing host. If you need web hosting I know the best places now for sure. SiteGround is now at the top. This new host is so impressive I will be partnering with them if they will have RRC very soon! I am more than happy to share wonderful services with my readers. You deserve to honestly know what sucks and what is awesome. None of them could pay me to lie- unlike many other websites.

Summer Update

Future plans for RRC Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

Lastly, what are my future plans for RRC? Short term I am interviewing many writers. So if you are a great writer email me some samples. I have several intern writer positions available currently. Also, in seek of a quality intern editor. I have many interviews set up in various media outlets. When it goes live be sure to check out my media mentions page! I’ve been accepting and scheduling interviews from high-quality media partners. I have many other plans but I won’t bore you with the details. Let me know what you think. Be sure to check out my services if you need help.

What would you like the future of RRC to plan? Leave a comment or drop me an email. Your feedback is priceless to me.

Summary Summer Update for Rebuild Repair Credit

To conclude, I am very grateful you found me today and hope you enjoyed this update. RRC is on a great path and will continue to thrive. Scammers will be publicly outed to the best of my ability. I hope you can grow and thrive along the way. Oh, here’s that awesome tip I promised you of new information I learned. Did you know that buying cigarettes or alcohol on a credit card damages your credit? I had always had a feeling this was true. Recently, several other experts agreed. It shows you are risky so don’t do it. Besides those are terrible poisons for you anyway! Remember, we’re all in this together. Sending lots of love from our family to yours.