Paid Credit Repair- Rebuild Repair Credit

Are you struggling with finances? Fighting with a loved one or spouse about money? Do you have a low credit score? Do you desire an ideal credit score of 750 and above? Tired of scraping by and living paycheck to paycheck? Do you need paid credit repair? Or paid financial coaching?

I was too but now I am here to help you. My name is Joshua Crum and I am your financial coach and credit expert.

I help break the cycle of debt and low credit scores. Did you know that most couples fight over money? I will help organize and set out a clear plan and eliminate a major stress of your relationship and life! Please, don’t become a statistic of a failed relationship due to financial stress! So stop losing your hair, going gray, and being over-stressed from finances now.

Also, you need a Credit Expert and Financial Coach on your side. In summary, you need Joshua Crum. I have removed over a half million in consumer debts so far. I built RRC for you!
Help me remove yours too and reach a million soon!

Paid credit repair

So please, invest in your bright future now! My paid credit repair and paid financial coaching clients learn to avoid bankruptcy, unwise financial decisions, and bad debts. I turn financial lives around daily. You won’t be stuck and you will be amazed how high you climb. With the right tools, knowledge, and a hand up you win and it is also nearly impossible to fail.


Paid Credit Repair and Finacial Coaching:

Financial Coaching:
30-minute to one-hour initial consultation and at least five 15 min follow-ups
Regular Price: $999     (-$300 off)

Your Cost:             $599.00


Credit Repair*:
30-minute to one-hour initial consultation and at least five 15 min follow-ups
Regular Price: $499     (-$200 off)

Your Cost:             $299.00

Special package. Financial Coaching and Credit Repair**:
Both Services as listed and a special bonus
Regular Price: $1498 (-$700 off)

Your Cost:            $798.00

*      Paid Credit Repair services are billed post-results. I do not accept advance payment for credit repair services, scammers do. You see positive results of my work before any payment.
**    Financial Coaching and Credit Repair are $599 for financial coaching and only after positive paid credit repair results, you are billed an additional $199.

If you cannot afford paid services, no problem. Please contact me, I will help.
I use an income-based discounted sliding scale and may waive your bill completely.

Paid credit repair

Please understand for a long time I hesitated to post my prices because I do not want to leave anyone behind.
So I am asking you again to please contact me, if unable to pay you will still get the same high-quality services affordable or free.

100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee

You get my no BS promise. Truly nothing to lose and everything to gain. My time is in high demand so please be sure to sign up right now.

To sign up please send a message to with an introduction and the paid services desired.

Get a free credit score from trusted partner Credit Sesame now. Then get Credit Karma and Mint scores too. With these three credit scores, you will have a great idea where you stand. In conclusion, log these numbers they are going up!

I am very grateful for your time and look forward to serving you soon.

Paid credit repair