Free Credit Counseling, Do You Need It?

Free Credit Counseling Free Credit Counseling, An Introduction Do you need free credit counseling? Well, then you are in luck! You have found the right spot to get completely free credit counseling service. My name is Joshua and I have helped many clients completely free! So sit back and have a read. See if my… Read More »

Progress Update December 2016

Progress Update December 2016 Hello! Joshua here again with progress update December 2016! I will begin with a personal update then a few updates on RRC as well. This should be an informative read and give you an idea what is going on. I have got some exciting news for sure! 2016 will go out… Read More »

Credit Card Consolidation ditch multiple debts!

   Credit Card Consolidation ditch multiple debts! First, many have credit cards. However, few manage them properly.  Statistics from many sources prove this. But do you need a credit card consolidation? reports credit card debts are shocking! 38.1% have credit card debts Average American household debt is $5,700 Overall, revolving debt is $929 billion Total… Read More »

Black Friday Cyber Monday Scam Warning

Black Friday Cyber Monday Scam Warning   Introduction: Black Friday Cyber Monday Scam Warning First, welcome to my blog. My name is Joshua. To begin, danger! Black Friday cyber Monday scam warning. These are some of the biggest scams that milk tons of people out of their hard-earned money! Run from the hype. So beyond the shiny… Read More »

Credit Repair Communication Methods

Credit Repair Communication Methods Credit Repair Communication Methods Introduction Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Joshua. Today I want to talk about some frequently neglected but important topics. So, I will focus on the three main credit repair communication methods. First, e-mail. Second, phone calls. Finally, snail mail. So I hope to take the fear… Read More »

Credit Card Dirty Secrets Top Ten

Credit Card Dirty Secrets Introduction: Credit Card Dirty Secrets Hello and welcome.  So you want to some credit card dirty secrets? Well, buckle up because this may be a rough ride. For the credit card companies, that is! Here I go again, shooting myself in the foot to bring you quality facts. My list of… Read More »

Progress Update Mid-November

Progress Update Mid-November Hello! Joshua here with you today. I wanted to share with the world my November progress note. It is the 14th today so this is a mid-month report. Inside this progress log, you will find what has been happening with me personally, update recap of my website, finally what I have done for… Read More »

Quotes of Motivation and Positive Direction Pt2

Motivation and Positive Direction Pt.2 Hello, all! J here with ya again. Ready for some fresh quotes, motivation, and positive direction?! I sure am! So without further delay here is today’s hot and fresh rant of motivation and positive direction! You are awesome, and I am awesome! I state this as fact. The sky is… Read More »

Credit Is Dangerous! What should I avoid?

    Credit Is Dangerous! What should I avoid? Credit is dangerous. This is a pure and simple fact. So if you do not use it correctly, you will have big problems! First, if this is your first time here I invite you to read deeply into my site. Because you will find far more… Read More »

Motivation and Positive Direction

 Motivation and Positive Direction First, if you are like myself and many others finding motivation can be difficult. I will be sure to constantly update many great quotes. So please feel free to add your own in the comments. If they are awesome they may be added to the list! To prepare you this will… Read More »