Progress Update Mid-November

Hello! Joshua here with you today. I wanted to share with the world my November progress note. It is the 14th today so this is a mid-month report. Inside this progress log, you will find what has been happening with me personally, update recap of my website, finally what I have done for my clients. This will likely turn into a repeating column to keep personal progress notes as well as share experiences and thoughts on these matters. So thanks for reading, it is time to begin!

Personal Progress Update Mid-November 


Home Improvements


Firstly, it is getting cold! Last night’s low temp was 38F! So, I have been insulating our home. I purchased ten cans of spray foam insulation. Insulation is cheaper this time of year. My theory is most have not realized they need insulation yet. Also, stores are overstocked waiting on these people. High supply low demand is a buyer’s market. In addition, I purchased a roll of foil/bubble wrap insulation. So our front and back doors look NASA or Resident Evil futuristic. Readings around the doors were at least 10F less than room temp. Also, I purchased a laser temperature gun. This has proven worthwhile as I am able to locate every area of temperature change. When you know where temperature changes you know where you must insulate. So I’m over here learning to be Bob Vila. Learning and saving money.

My main other projects are finishing my pop-up camper restoration, setting up a new home office, and patching a couple holes in our drywall. But the pop-up shell was free. My home office began with a very clean room and loud stereo for motivation. I am now slightly deaf but literally over-amped and ready to get the furniture and computers moved in. Got a couple of bags of cement. Thinking of putting them where our trash cans sit near the road. Being on a hill they frequently fall into our cars. The holes were there when we bought this house. Part of the reason it was half price. I chose this awesome house for my friends. They sold it to me when they were done. Now to tinker and make it our family home.


Major decision time? Are you ready?

To begin, our dryer died. So it was major purchase or intelligent purchase time. Now I have 20+ credit cards. Meaning I could easily finance a major purchase like that. Instead of drop hundreds on a new fancy dryer, I decided to go the intelligent route. So I used a local Facebook group to find a decent used model. Our dryer is gas and I have little to no experience installing gas lines and home appliances. So I drove about twenty minutes, met up with a family, and bought their dryer. After paying the $40 we loaded the dryer up and were off. Only after I had arrived and paid the lady mentioned a noise. Finally, she said otherwise the heating and blower worked well. I installed our new dryer and it was as described.

The birds and the booms

There was a minor gas leak I could not pinpoint. So we had to turn the gas line on and off each time to use the dryer. Do not do this at home, I do have some experience with natural gas. Gas leaks can cause explosions. We only used it temporarily in this manner as I was 200% sure we were not going to explode! Also, I had to purchase a new vent hose and outside cover. Because I love the birds that live out back, but last year they clogged the dryer vent with their nest. I used spray foam insulation behind the dryer vent cover to keep the elements out. After diagnosing the dryer via youtube I learned it needed a roller rebuild kit. Purchased this item for around $10 and when it came installed it correctly in under 30 minutes.

Final thoughts about not exploding and small quality investments

So I used soapy water and a few other methods to diagnose the source of the gas leak. To my dismay, nothing worked! Finally, I was in my daughter’s room cleaning and snagged the bubbles I got her. So there were bubbles everywhere on the gas line. In the end, the leak was where two sections of flexible line met. I located two pairs of pliers and carefully tightened this junction.

So after a long battle, we have reliable, affordable, and great working dryer that will not explode. The rest of the spray foam cans I used to seal the outer wall in our under construction master bedroom. I have noticed our furnace can now skip one of every three heating cycles. So this means my insulation changes have already saved us 1/3 of our heating bill. I would say that was worth my $50! Love making great tiny investments. They pay off in great ways. Sure I am out the $50 now. But later when we need cheaper bills there they are! Blech I’m done being Bob Vila for a bit!

So we just had my second by blood, and our third daughter. Liberty is about four weeks old and as always raising a newborn is stressful. We have a 14-year-old, 18-month-old, and nearly one month old. Beautiful, sweet, intelligent, healthy and happy girls. Worth it but I am going gray at a young age!

Love is stronger than problems

Money worries, near total lack of sleep, and excess stress can kill all but the strongest relationships. Even the most well-functioning couple can turn into zombies at each other’s throats. Lucky for us we get along great typically and even our fights are normally talking things out. This is healthy and even required in these peak stress times. As I said this is the single most stressful time in our lives. But as we see that, we also see things are getting easier now. Also, we know there is an easier time ahead. Sure there are more hills, but we are at the top of the biggest. Our love is far stronger than our problems.


Progress Update, Personal, a Conclusion

To conclude I know I am rich. There is not a single day that I regret being a stay at home dad. Being able to give my girls lots of hugs and love is plenty of pay alone. Our home is well maintained and ready to face the harsh Illinois winter. Concluding outdoor activities for the season and prepping for winter are likely next. Where is Thanksgiving already? Stupid Christmas music, decorations, commercials, and displays upset me before I get to eat. Also, all this winter prep work has me majorly hungry. Time to plan and prepare a large meal. As well as prepare the house for a crowd just in case! Gobble Gobble!

Site Progress Update Mid-November 

I have been working hard on redesigning Rebuild Repair Credit’s homepage. This includes removing some sections, and adding to & changing up the main menu. I have added a better comment section with a more simple sign in system. Also, I have been performing various speed tweaks. Because from what I have learned, they are important. Because I want to make sure every user has an ideal experience here. Not frustratingly slow enough to leave. Looking into a forum section. Also, other additions but I will need time to prototype. Because I want to be sure these add not detract from the website as is. Twitter marketing has been going well. Rebuild Repair Credit has around 600 followers already.

Client Progress Update Mid-November 


 Love that photo. I don’t need any reason to help anyone. I do it daily for many. But why would I donate time to help others? Because it is the right thing to do.

Client BC update

First, my client BC with a highly damaged file had a soft dispute return. Scores are up 11 and 15 points. Her dispute returned. The account now shows as disputed. However, it still remains on her credit reports. You can not win them all, and files with heavy damage take longer to repair. But I am persistent. I immediately re-opened the dispute again for her.


Client SM update

So both of her credit scores are up one point. Last dispute came back verified no change. Meaning there was no deletion. Again, with heavily damaged files soft disputes often fail. A new dispute was begun and I will check back on the progress soon.


Client JA update

One new medical collection popped up. The debt was for around $1,200. Pesky thing is hiding in Experian so an easy soft dispute through Transunion is not possible. I have informed her of the need to send a letter to help resolve this debt. So now I am waiting on her.


Client AR update

So I have fought this file mostly clean. There is one pesky item the creditor is holding onto. My feeling here is if I keep annoying them asking for removal eventually they will likely cave. We fought the collection agency and won. But this is the original creditor and they are still unhappy. They need to hurry up and remove this so her file is totally clean. Otherwise, her scores have increased quite a bit. They began at nearly 500 and are now at 664 and 673. Now that is a good credit score!

 New client update

I gained a new client through Twitter. Highly intelligent. He immediately took my advice and I see an improvement happening quickly with this one. Many of my clients depend on my slow methods. Some listen and take the fast route. Happy to say this new client made it easy on both of us!

Client SC update

First, this client is family. So let me tell you when I heard his story I was on it with everything. After a medical emergency instead of working with them to keep their home, the greedy bank stole it. Then use his credit file as a public stockade. This situation angers me. I put the fear of God into their lawyer. Time will tell- but I doubt that foreclosure will be on his file long. The letter sent was eloquent, intelligent, and resourceful. I am not a lawyer, and I do not impersonate a lawyer. However, I am certain several companies assumed I am. Anyone can send nasty paperwork. Attacking my clients is a good way to get some ugly letters you will need a lawyer to review. Sucks when a debt costs more to pursue than hold!


Progress Update Mid-November a Conclusion

To conclude, so far I have had to be Bob Vila and Robin Hood. Also, Babe Ruth is still in full effect. “You just can’t beat the person who never quits.” -Babe Ruth I will never quit. My clients need me to defend them. If this requires me sounding like a raging lawyer so be it. I surely would not stand in my way. Constant improvements everywhere. So those who hope I quit, good luck. My online blogging buddy Crystal has been doing great as well. I found this article especially helpful. She is very intelligent and has a great style. Be sure to read deeply into her site. This train has built enough momentum to wreck any obstacle. Persistence assures victory. Get it done!