January 2017 Progress Update

January 2017 Progress Update

Intro- January 2017 Progress Update

Well it is that time once again. January 2017 Progress Update! I do love this section where I discuss recent events. This should be the usual style if you have been keeping up. I will discuss some recent RRC news first. After, I will give a personal update. Finally, a RRC future outlook. I hope you enjoy this update!

Recent News- January 2017 Progress Update

First recent RRC news. RRC has been giving me some site issues. So if you have been una
ble to reach my site I am truly sorry. Somewhere in between the host upgrades and configuration settings, ugh. Things get far deeper than that I will avoid being overly-technical. As well as sorting out various other technical issues and responding to emails. Great articles over the holiday season. An amazing guest blog post by a great friend Emma. As well as a holiday scam wa
rning to keep everyone safe. So please bookmark and check out the blog to stay up to date. Expect new content soon, I have to do some proofreading and editing first. I have been focused on family lately as needed.

January 2017 Progress Update

Personal Update- January 2017 Progress Update

Second, personal update. I am busy and working very hard lately. Our infant Liberty, teenager Grace and toddler Gabrielle are a lot to keep after! Aside from that keeping a house clean becomes downright impossible! Liberty has severe acid re-flux and sleep for both of us does not exist. Even this update is written in the brief moments of down time I get. We dug most of the way out of the hole we were in from Liberty’s birth. We saved, but only enough for a natural birth. Two paychecks were missing to recover. This was made easier by great friends and family helping. We cannot express our gratitude! The last few months I have gained education on financial literacy and credit laws. Also, taking a business start up class at a local college.

January 2017 Progress Update

RRC Future Plans- January 2017 Progress Update

Lastly, RRC future plans. RRC will continue to grow. I am talking to several guest bloggers and seeing if any are interested. I found everyone has something to add and value to share. Also, my SEO teams are working hard in the background. Interviewing several new writers. Still looking for that perfect fit. A great writer we can depend on. In addition to credit repair I now offer financial coaching. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance. Finally, the future of RRC is looks bright!


A Conclusion- January 2017 Progress Update

To conclude this entire site is and will always be dedicated to helping my readers overcome and grow. Be sure to bookmark Rebuild Repair Credit as well as visit the blog. Tons of great reads in there. Also, Twitter has been growing. 3,100 followers now and climbing rapidly. These are not paid followers, not even one. These are real people who love RRC just like you! So thanks for reading. I truly wish you the best credit and life possible! Get your credit score free here.January 2017 Progress Update