Free Credit Repair Gift From Joshua

Free Credit Repair Gift I want to give you a free credit repair gift. One that is valuable and helpful. I truly hope you enjoy and find a good use for it.

Free Credit Repair Gift Introduction

The form I am about to share is very powerful. It is a debt validation letter. All credit to for the original copy. My modified and updated version contains easy to fill out form fields. Making this letter as easy as type in and fill out on your computer, print, sign, and mail. I hope this simplifies your effort to remove debts in collections. Overall, it has a high win rate.


This letter may cause a shady collection agency to attempt a lawsuit in response. Although this is rare (less than 1/1000) you need to be aware of this possibility. If this happens do not fear and feel free to contact me directly for further assistance. Most of the time if they bring a lawsuit they do not have proper evidence of the debt. It just means they are scared of you not paying them. It is simply another bogus intimidation tactic they use to force scared people into paying.

Free Credit Repair Gift

Most importantly, if they attempt to sue, show up in court. Most collection company lawsuits that win are only won by default judgments. That means people did not show up to court. If you show up it is likely they will not. Meaning you may flip the case on them instead, where you win by default. Lastly, please do not hesitate to contact me for personalized assistance anytime.



Free Credit Repair Gift Here

Finally, without further delay here is your free gift. My personalized debt validation letter. It can be downloaded here: Joshua’s Debt Validation Letter Once again if you have any questions or problems you won’t bother me one bit! I truly enjoy helping people learn about credit, debt, and financial independence. Sending love from my family to yours. Lastly, have a great day!


Free Credit Repair Gift