Free Credit Counseling, Do You Need It?

Free Credit Counseling, An Introduction

Do you need free credit counseling? Well, then you are in luck! You have found the right spot to get completely free credit counseling service. My name is Joshua and I have helped many clients completely free! So sit back and have a read. See if my service is right for you! No bs and no strings! While you may think it is hopeless to have great credit again I can assure you it is not! However, it will require patience, determination, and positive change. You need to better manage your finances to ensure your newly formed credit is protected.

Free Credit Counseling Step OneFree Credit Counseling

To begin, if you think you need credit counseling you probably do! I have met many clients that have let their credit files go thinking they were beyond repair! Many of my clients even thought they needed bankruptcy prior to my help. Your first step is becoming more aware of your credit file. To do this simply create a account. They will provide free credit reports and scores. Another vital resource is CreditSesame. The score they offer tends to be lower and more accurate so make an account there today as well. These are your first tools in being aware of your credit reports and scores.

Free Credit Counseling Step Two

So now you have created accounts to view your credit reports and scores. Next is reviewing them carefully. Look deeply into your credit reports. Check for any errors. Take note of any, they can be corrected in time. Some items are much easier to remove than others. For example, if you had old medical debt most of the time it can be removed easily. However, if you owe court fines, child support, student debt, and a few others they can be nearly impossible to remove! The main step here again is to look deeply into your credit reports and see what is negative in them. These entries are generally under collections but may be hiding elsewhere as well.

Free Credit Counseling Step Three

Finally, the most important step. Follow through! Dispute any negative items with the credit bureau directly or through TransUnion’s easy dispute through CreditKarma. Be relentless, do not give up! If you are having any trouble with this do not hesitate to contact me. As I fought many files clean I know how to get it done. So be sure not to leave any negative information behind. You can do this! So I am standing by to help with any questions you may have. Also, I enjoy helping so do not worry about bothering me! I am very active on my Twitter account so be sure to follow me there. Finally, you can direct message me on Twitter, via my contact form, or via email.Free Credit Counseling

Free Credit Counseling a Final Thought

To conclude, if you need free credit counseling I can help! I have repaired even the most damaged credit files. Your file is no problem for me! So do not leave negative information in your reports any longer. Now you have the tools to view your credit reports and dispute negative items. Again, if you need personal help or have any questions contact me. I will never discriminate based on race, religion, sexual preference, income, or in any other way. Honestly, the only way to be denied my free credit counseling is to intentionally steal and fraud people. I can not and will not support theft and fraud. However, if you need free credit advice, free personal financial coaching, and free credit counseling I am here for you.