Evolution: Calling Earth – The time is now

By | October 30, 2016

Hello! J here and I have great plans to share. It is time to change the world.

Firstly, a charity credit repair clinic for people unable to pay for credit repair.
This project is currently underway at the site RebuildRepairCredit.com

The second plan I’m tentatively calling:


“Evolution” A charity linking charities and donors globally.
Firstly, the primary goal is ending serious global problems.

So, in our evolution, we will begin repairing critical global problems. We need to begin with water+hunger, then homelessness. Therefore, we need to move the whole world forward, linking humanity in a very positive direction once and for all. Personally, I love this plan. It is my favorite yet. Allow me to delve deeper down the rabbit hole, here. Beware, you may be shocked, saddened, and outraged. Please be ready to make a change with me. Be prepared. You have been warned. Pre-evolution is very disturbing. Again: Shocking, outrageous, sad, and then ready to fight with me. I have several great plans and this one will succeed. So, I hope my noble intentions are very clear here. Now is the time to help others, en masse.


Epic mass like the planet has never known.


I will be the world’s richest person, who has little, because I spent it showing love to the world. Watch as I lead the way to create the largest, worldwide unified charity to ever exist. There will be a change.  Let’s go! I sure do not see anyone else doing it, correctly. So today, let us begin the evolution, together. We can do it. A little can turn into a lot. Finally, this one rock thrown will create major waves.

Feeling for poverty stricken areas.

I applaud efforts to better them. My city is poverty stricken, as well. I live in a small city in Illinois. I had a nice house, just outside some terrible apartments. A 12-year-old kid was shot to death at apartments that were basically in my backyard. Poverty is absolutely appalling.  I heard gunshots, nightly. These people are violent to the point of murder, doing stupid things, such as stealing and selling dangerous drugs, to survive. Why? Because they need income so badly! Kids are even doing this! Kids running around with weapons, skipping school to sell drugs, just to feed their families! I am a positive person, but this has got to end. We must help the people at the bottom and make it easier on them.homeless-kids

Seems like only yesterday, we were there.


Once, my own family needed food assistance.  For a family of four, we got $7 a month! Ever try to feed a family of four on $7?! Food pantries give out food, but most of it is expired and rotten. Most will make you, and far worse, your family sick. If you beg and jump through the hoops and bureaucratic paperwork, you might get food coupons. But, those are nearly impossible to use.

Also, have you ever seen a whole line of furious, glaring customers behind you – Because you accidentally got the wrong item? Because the coupon and store were not clear? I have a few times in the past.

What a horrible person, trying to feed their family! (Not!)

Sorry, once I was poor and took heck just to feed my family, my bad. What was I thinking? Just because someone is poor does not mean they are lazy. It does not mean they are bad people to be looked down upon! Unfortunate circumstances can strike anyone. On one hand, I am happy these people looking down on others clearly have not been there. On the other, do you really have to have been in someone else’s shoes to empathize?! No! So terrible I am doing what is best for them! Why do we look down upon people in poverty?

No looking down. Be the change. Lend a hand up.

There will be a change. Since we can do it together, allow me to lead the way. I am not and was not terrible. My family, nor anyone else’s, deserves to be looked down upon.  So, never do it to anyone! Lend a hand up; help someone that deserves it out of a bad situation.

We need people deep in these communities helping people.


First of all, to even get food or medical assistance, they play games with lots of paperwork.

Paperwork is “lost.” They make you go to the office because they refuse to answer the phone. You drive an hour plus round trip and wait for hours, only to get treated like dog poo. Why?! These people are paid to help others. Why spit on them by being rude and cold? I do not understand the logic there!

I’ve gone without medical insurance due to this, before. You are there, after doing all of that, to kindly ask for the help you need for your family.  Why do they treat these people so horribly? There has to be a change. We are doing better now. My goals are very high. I will make a dent. I will take a stand. We must fight these terrible things. Join with me! We can lead this evolution together!

Character change!


I have been Robin Hood in the past, only to help the poor, never to harm. However, the game and lead character have changed. I am needed for much bigger goals. Here I am rising to the occasion.

Now, please consider I’m Babe Ruth, pointing my bat at the stands. I’m coming with everything. So much that I am already there. It is promised. This one is for you kid. I will amaze all, and you will see I truly belong. Some people need to climb from the bottom and make it to the top. I have goals and intentions so noble I deserve to be there. Expect me, I am coming. I’m not here to ask permission. I’m not here to beg. I am telling you I will be there. Plan on it, it will happen. My sheer force of will alone is so powerful it is scary. That is, it would be if not aimed positively and so firmly set. My goals are just, my aim is true.

Selfish? Hardly.


My determination and drive are unstoppable. My family needs me. Billions more need someone like me to shelter them, to provide a hand up, and to spearhead the evolution. However, I cannot do it alone.Therefore, I need your help, trust, and faith in yourselves. Your complete and total cooperation. Our honesty and love can move mountains.
I need people at the top to help me get there. Help me, help us climb. Not only guide, but assist this noble path in not just one, but every single step of the way. Make it happen. This is something we can all do together, we can all chip in to this cause. We are not intended to be so selfish! We deserve to treat ourselves better. Because in the end, we truly are all one being.

A Topic Avoided: The Missing Stairs.
There are stairs missing on the climb to the top! Why?! Two or three near the bottom.

This makes it seem nearly impossible from a bottom-up perspective. It seems nearly everyone looks down upon those less fortunate. There are a few tiny handouts, but no real hand ups. These people deserve better. We can and will help them. No more looking down. Hold your hand out, give a hand up, provide real help. Everyone can lend a hand, everyone can pass it on. Go!

Why are there homeless veterans? The premise sickens me.

These people fought for our country and have no home?! I am outraged by such things.

First, why are these things acceptable to anyone?

Homelessness, in general, is absolutely terrible. I was recently on a business trip to FinCon16 in San Diego, California. There was a beautiful view of the city from my hotel room. However, deeper lurked a horrible problem. I suppose I should have opted for the GPS add-on in my rental. Better yet, I could have packed mine from home. But you understand, tight airline luggage, as well as saving money. Finally, the real reason – sometimes you actually want to get lost, even just for a little bit.


So, there I was driving past the party spots and bars exploding with nightlife. Many well-off people were having great times, spending lots of money, and dressed in their most fancy clothes. I kept driving, intentionally getting a little lost. I was just driving, thinking. Sometimes, my brain works better that way.

As the driving became more automatic, I started to look around.  My view became saddening. I was not scared, but I had unintentionally found a massive problem hidden from the downtown blocks. You know, most people with money don’t want to see these things.

Massive Homeless Campshomeless_man


Not very far from the downtown parties and not too far off from the huge mansions, there was a stunning, growing problem. There were entire streets lined with carts, tents, and tarps.

This saddened me nearly to the point of tears. Time for an Evolution! So badly, I now want to set up homeless rehabilitation centers. Get these people off the streets! Nobody deserves to freeze or bake to death! Winter will be soon! Come on! Why?! Someone help!


A change must happen.

I am very frustrated by the lack of results I see. A change must happen. So, I will create it myself because our planet needs to unite as one. This is a very common goal.  Most of all, our continued survival depends on our mutual cooperation.

We must be an example for the universe. Our species must fully unite in space projects.

Boom! It is all over. Satisfied with what you have done?

A giant rock, nearly the size of our moon, could very well dinosaur us into oil, anytime.
So, you would rather fight among each other and wait for it to come? If you research, we are actually far overdue for such an incident. Join the evolution or join the dinosaurs. In the end, it is up to you. This is not intended to scare you. This is to show you “a why” if you needed oneNo more hate based on religion, hate based on race, and no more hate period. We are a common species and deserve our mutual help and our mutual love. We must consider ourselves what we truly are, one organism. None of us benefits from harming another. 

The time for Evolution is now

Because there needs to be an all-out evolution of mankind. If I have to personally start it, then so be it, here it is. The time is now, it’s time we all evolve. In this evolution, we are all one, there is no hate, no selfishness, no sadness. Only love, joy, and cooperation. War is only shooting ourselves in the foot. It provides no value in our evolution. It’s time to declare as humanity, we are done fighting ourselves!

Therefore, I think our evolution will lead to a massive development in humankind.  There may be even more highly intelligent species in the universe. But, why would they want anything to do with us if we can’t even get along with ourselves?! We need their help. I don’t know if they even exist, personally. But, if they do, we need them, too. We are all made of the same stardust. So, we are all brothers and sisters! We have to join ourselves in peaceful evolution to achieve the greatness we deserve.

Humanity is Amazing, but our evolution will do far better.

Our united species will do better. Because we are amazing, look at all we have done so far. On a fully united front, we all stand much stronger, more intelligent. So make this happen and our technology will boom at an alarming rate. Sounds so simple right? Join with me today!

Some have already awoken.

To conclude, the change has begun already. Therefore, I am merely proposing we speed up the process. So spearhead the evolution with me. Because we can do this, but it requires nearly full cooperation. I believe it is possible. So, let us begin today. I am game, are you?

So your challenge is to donate at least $5 to any charity of your choice now. Do not delay!

Comment below to let us know what charity and how much you donated! I am waiting!

Because I am here to lead the way in our Evolution.

You can Donate Here:
How about donating to the Red Cross: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation

Or you can donate to Shriner’s Hospitals here: http://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org/donate

Last but not least, donate to the WWF here: http://www.worldwildlife.org/

So you know I am not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk, please see photo proof.
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