Cinch Financial Trial Review

By | October 21, 2017

Cinch Financial Introduction

Hey there! So you should know by now that I do love testing out new financial tools. Testing many lets me know when tools are worthwhile and what to avoid. If you’ve been keeping up, you know I recommend all excellent companies – TransUnionCredit Sesame, Mint, Credit Karma, Target, Xero, Avast, Swagbucks, and more. So, what do I think of Cinch? Here is my conclusive review of one of the latest and hottest financial tech products, Cinch Financial. Is it any good? Should we trust it? Read on to find out!

Cinch Financial


Cinch Financial Step 1 Information Gathering

First, when many are looking for a financial tool, they want something that can simplify their lives. So, does Cinch Financial deliver to them? Yes, it does and their site provides a true value. The information gathering process begins securely. I know what you are thinking, especially considering the recent Equifax data breach, but this company is safe and takes your data security very seriously. As Cinch gathers the required information, it is creating your financial roadmap. It will ask you about your goals. It is best to answer honestly. Once you put in the right information, operating Cinch becomes a breeze.

Cinch Financial Step 2 Using Cinch

Once you have entered your information, Cinch now has an idea of your overall financial health. Now, Cinch can give you an unbiased review with some personalized recommendations. The tips given are not vague and do not talk down to you. They are actionable steps to better financial health. I really liked the unbiased, no run-around advice given. Cinch is great at going through your bills and debts and even found a way to better allocate my credit card payments. From the money it saved each month, it deposits into my savings, simply and easily, helping me reach my goal of saving more money.

Cinch Financial

Cinch Financial Step 3 Monitoring Progress

Lastly, Cinch makes it a breeze to review your progress. You can see how much you are saving and when you will reach your goals. After you see your progress, you will know Cinch’s true value. It can seamlessly simplify your complicated financial life. So, I will continue to use Cinch. No matter your financial position, I believe it can help you, too. They offer an extended free trial. Even after the free trial, they are charging a minimal fee of around $5 monthly at last check. Helping to organize and better our financial lives is well worth the investment.

Cinch Financial Conclusion

Cinch Financial

To conclude, I have found Cinch Financial is a valuable financial tool. They take security seriously, their product is helpful, and it is affordable. The unbiased advice and guidance are greatly appreciated and a breath of fresh air. My financial health is in better shape, partly thanks to these great tools. So, big thanks to Cinch Financial for making such an excellent product. I am looking forward to your growth and development. Also, not only is Cinch Financial on the right track, they are most of the way down it, moving at full speed! Finally, Try out Cinch Financial today and let me know what you think!