Checking Your Credit Reports

The first step in improving your credit is checking your credit reports.

It is an easy thing yet overlooked by many people, checking your credit reports. While this is a simple step, many people overlook it. But why? Because many people don’t realize how much credit has an impact in their day-to-day lives.

 Want an apartment? How about a job? Want a house? Want a loan? Checking your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus free every year is a great habit to get into.

After better understanding how you will be checking your credit reports you will be alert to changes. This will give you the ability to check for any errors that would harm your credit. Even a single tiny error or negative remark on your file can cause a denial for the credit you deserve when you need it.

Getting in the great habit of checking your credit reports

Once you get to monitoring your credit, you are checking your credit reports more often to make sure you are maintaining your great credit and high scores. When you go to get a loan, a car, a house, a job, or an apartment, imagine knowing that the credit file they see is great. Imagine knowing in advance about what your credit score is. Knowing in advance what credit rate group you qualify for before you walk in the door. After you know what information your credit file has it is a lot easier to see how to improve it.

Your Decision: Action or Inaction?

Now, your decision – action or inaction? Are you content with your credit the way it is? Even if you are, hopefully you understand the value of knowing the contents of such a life critical file of information. You might think, “I don’t need credit. Why should I care?” Because of the time involved to repair your credit, you want to prepare your credit far ahead of time. Credit files taking years to rebuild and repair are not uncommon. Don’t let this discourage you, though, because we’ve seen many files fixed far faster. The more constantly the owner works on their credit file, the more often and quickly their positive results will be had.

If you are not checking your credit reports yearly, then you just don’t know…

So you understand how and why you need to check your credit reports now?

How to get totally free credit reports every year.

Great! Your first stop will be
On this site, you can get your three major credit reports all at once.

Transunion, Equifax, and Experian all have a credit file on you.
Make sure to carefully and correctly fill out all the registration information. Once you have it completed, you can select which reports to order.
Be especially sure to answer the multiple choice questions correctly or you will be dis-allowed to view your file online.

If you make a mistake there, you will have to order them via snail mail, and the process is far from instant like when viewing online.

Check Your Credit Reports Every Year…

Make a note on your calendar for one year from the date you get your files. You can only get your credit files free once a year unless declined credit. You are best served checking your credit reports for free up to 60 days from the credit decline.

Checking Your Credit Reports is just the beginning…

Now that you can view your credit file, you have an idea what is in it. Do you see anything in there that could be negative? Be sure to dispute any questionable items in your credit file. You don’t want a simple insurance mis-billing to turn into a lower credit score and denial for a home loan. Get your disputes sent in and be sure to leave your email address to get the results.

A note about time:

Remember, it takes time to rebuild and repair credit, and results often come slowly. Positive results are most often the result of hard work, constantly checking credit, and making adjustments. However long it takes, stick it out until you have manicured your credit file into something you are proud of. Do not forget that you deserve great credit. You deserve the things great credit can afford you. To end, be sure not to let the things in life you deserve be limited by bad credit.

Checking your credit reports is a great first step, and you can get the credit you deserve from your hard work. Make sure to follow along. There are more steps to complete, but this is a big one. Now, you are thinking about your credit; you are making changes already. Keep up the great work and be sure to read on.

In the next step, you will learn how to check your credit scores and learn more about checking your credit reports more often. Having a general idea of your credit scores will enlighten you about what your general credit health is. Knowing your scores will also give you an idea of what credit offers you may qualify for.

Checking your credit reports: A last thought.

In conclusion, we hope you have learned how you will be checking your credit reports and why. It is our hope that by staying vigilant, your credit can get and stay in peak condition. Surely you will see the value in our next lesson on how to check your credit scores for free.

Checking your credit reports: Bring others up with you!

To end, take a good look at this chart. You can see how credit scores vary your interest rates. Checking your credit scores is also very important if you are considering a mortgage.

Many of our clients have considered bankruptcy. That is necessary in some cases. We have found only the most extreme need this expensive time-consuming process. Our information and help is free.

Everyone needs to know this information, so please share this with your friends and family so they can follow along and improve along with you. After all, how much fun is it climbing the mountain if you can’t enjoy the peak with anyone else? They all deserve to gain the knowledge and experience we can offer, so be sure to drop them a link to our site as soon as you can. Don’t run off in a big head start alone! Your friends and family deserve a fresh start as well. Lift them up with you; many of them could very likely need the help as much as or more than you. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, and you can help. Our information on how to rebuild repair credit is free. To close, in all honesty, this information is priceless to those who need it.