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Knowing how to check your credit score free is a very valuable tool in rebuilding and repairing your credit. So is being able to check your reports often. The more resources you have to be able to do both, the better off you are.

If you have any wish to use credit at all then pay close attention. You will find these the most valuable tools in your credit monitoring list. These are simple, but often overlooked tools that many have heard of but too few use. With this resource you will be able to check your credit reports. Reports from two out of three of the major bureaus, as well as have a general idea of your credit score. You need a very informative article, and we are here to deliver. To get and keep a good credit score you will have to utilize the tools we provide, and monitor your scores frequently. Monthly is a good plan as a minimum.
These sites are honestly all great, we promoted all of them at first without being paid.

What is in a credit score?

What is in a good credit score? Everything!

Before you use your credit you will want to know how to check your credit score free. Knowing your credit scores will give you an idea ahead of time if you qualify, and what type of rate you qualify for. For example if your score is in the 500s then you will understand getting credit without it being co-signed is very unlikely. If your score is around 650 you will probably qualify, but not at the best rates. If your score is 750 and up you will almost definitely qualify with perks like the best rates the company offers. Do you have an idea what your target minimum score is now? If not let us give you a goal to shoot for. A credit score of 750 and up is ideal. Any higher doesn’t make much of a difference, but the higher the better as far as credit scores.

Ok I get it! I want to know my score! How do you check your credit score free?

Let us get to the juicy facts that will help you to check your scores and reports far more often than yearly. In fact, this interface will allow you to check your scores and reports every week. You can check them daily, but the greatest time between updates is a week. Some people complain the scores offered are not totally correct. There are many methods to check a credit score depending on the model and type of credit you are seeking your credit score might in fact be lower or higher than shown. Since you know this ahead of time you will be happy you got free scores and reports. You will understand any slight difference in scores is due to credit model used for score determination.

Credit Karma

Enough! What website do I go to get my free credit scores and reports?! Surely you have heard of Credit Karma right? Well there is a good reason that many people are very happy with their website. They will give you free credit reports and scores, and even allow you to directly dispute items from their website again totally free! Their site has been amazingly successful. It has already helped many people be able to better check and rebuild or repair their credit.

Want to know how to check your credit score free? Go to Credit Karma and make an account. Then you can see your credit scores and reports for free!

There are a few others sites that we will use as well but Credit Karma is and will be the main one so create your account now! In fact a Credit Karma account is the main tool. These tools you will be using to check your credit score free. They are safe, secure, and trusted. Every single one, for sure.


So you mentioned others? What other sites would you recommend in my quest for how to check my credit score free? At the moment the only other method of score checking that is free and we like as well, Mint. No not the plant kind you put in your tea. This is a great website instead!

Mint helps many people every day. Mint- by Intuit, the same company that produces Quicken and Quick Books. Knowing the company, they are very reliable and we highly trust the company and site. Normally we would say not to give away logins but their site is trusted and very secure.

Mint has many accounting features built into their website worth looking into. Being able to check your credit score free is just an added bonus. You can make budgets and see how well you stick to them. You can set goals and check them. Mint is able to interface into your credit card, loans, and any other accounts. So instead of logging into ten credit card websites to check all your balances you can log into one site and check your finances at a glance.
So Mint, for being such a big time saver like that we have to give a thumbs up to.
We love them so much this was an unpaid endorsement at the time of writing. They didn’t pay us to write this, they are a genuinely great site. Intuit, you’ve done a great job here. Lots of respect and love.

In summary Mint is definitely worth a look, and they even give you a free credit score. Granted, we greatly dislike the length of time it takes this score to update. However they did listen to our request about that and shortened the length of time over the years.

But free is free and we try not to complain much about free things right? We have asked them to update more often and got a good response from the company. They said as they get more members they will be able to update more often. Monitoring their site for years now the score updates have become more frequent a couple times now. We can only hope that Mint will continue to update their site with more great features and offer even more frequent credit score updates as we the customers ask them kindly.

 In Closing, these are the best sites for sure.

To close you now have the knowledge and ability to check your credit score free. Not only can you check them and free, but you can get frequent updates. These sites are totally free to use and we can not more highly recommend them. If you are going to ask any help with your credit for years now our need is a Credit Karma account. Soon I think we will be adding Mint in as a mandatory as well for their awesome and unique features. It takes lots of hard work and determination to have great credit scores and by knowing and using the main tools you too will be able to have great scores as well. We have found very valuable resources on the site as well, have a look for yourself. Be sure to check our article on another top site in the free credit score market, Credit Sesame. Another great avenue to the same result. What is that? A good credit score! Everyone needs one, get one today!

In summary we hope you have learned how to check your credit score free. Checking your scores and reports even more often than yearly, and for free as well is very valuable. You see the more you look at your credit scores and reports the more likely you are to make positive changes. Be sure to pay all your bills on time and build up positive history. Just do not ever give up, we want you to shake on it!

Thanks, we love you. Help us help others as well!

Thanks for reading be sure to bookmark our site and be on the lookout for more helpful articles on how to rebuild and repair your credit. Remember, our site is as free as it can possibly be. We have not charged anyone for our information or help and do not even plan to in the near future. Be sure to tell your family and friends to visit our site so they can develop their own great credit files independently as well.

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To end and summarize once again sites covered today are Credit Sesame, Credit.comCredit Karma, and Mint. All can show you how to check your credit score free. We are going up, grab hands, help others as well! Wishing and helping you make the best credit possible is our goal.

Be sure to check out our Credit Sesame article, they are one of our favorites for sure!
These sites are honestly all great, we promoted all of them at first without being paid.
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