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Want to get in touch? We are more than happy to hear from you! Several methods are available to suit your needs. Twitter Follow us via the link above on Twitter. Although, due to spam, messages sent here may be missed. Please send any urgent needs directly to email, the preferred channel. Email Email is… Read More »

Privacy Policy

General Welcome to Rebuild Repair Credit! We take your privacy and security seriously. So personal information is not collected and stored unless required. SSL RRC uses the latest in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). An internet staple for security and encryption technology. So this protects RRC users from phishing, malware, viruses, and other malicious uses of data. However,… Read More »

Financial Challenge Series Pt1: Eat Out Challenge

       Welcome to this financial challenge edition of my credit and finance journal. Part One: Eat out Challenge! My name is Joshua. I am just a regular awesome person like you. Although, I do know quite a few tips and tricks that can be very helpful. One thing I learned recently I really… Read More »

Check Credit Score Free

Knowing how to check your credit score free is a very valuable tool in rebuilding and repairing your credit. So is being able to check your reports often. The more resources you have to be able to do both, the better off you are. If you have any wish to use credit at all then… Read More »

Checking Your Credit Reports

The first step in improving your credit is checking your credit reports. It is an easy thing yet overlooked by many people, checking your credit reports. While this is a simple step, many people overlook it. But why? Because many people don’t realize how much credit has an impact in their day-to-day lives.  Want an apartment? How about a… Read More »

About Me Joshua Crum of Rebuild Repair Credit

About Me: Rebuild Repair Credit began from Joshua Crum delivering excellent results publicly and privately years before going public. My main goal and utmost priority is a superior customer experience and tremendous value. I simply love helping people. It brings me great joy watching each of them grow. But why offer low cost or free services big… Read More »


Site Use Terms: The data contained inside the site is for general informational use. It does not have knowledge of your specific issues with your credit. The site has data that is not aware of your specific place in life and credit. This site has no attentive investigation and audit by a lawyer required in giving lawful guidance. In summary,… Read More »