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Free Credit Repair Gift From Joshua

I want to give you a free credit repair gift. One that is valuable and helpful. I truly hope you enjoy and find a good use for it. Free Credit Repair Gift Introduction The form I am about to share is very powerful. It is a debt validation letter. All credit to for the original copy.… Read More »

Debt Consolidation Loan How to

If you’re looking for a debt consolidation loan today you are in luck. There are several high-quality options available to use that may help to consolidate high-interest debt. Planning and preparation are required before taking on a consolidation loan. You will want to check your credit score, evaluate loan providers, and finally secure your loan.… Read More »

What’s FinCon? Dallas FinCon 2017

Welcome to my FinCon 2017 experience in Dallas, TX. Just like my first experience at FinCon in San Diego last year, it was another incredible learning and networking opportunity. So my family was able to understand what I was doing, they came with me. After discussing our children’s fragile ears, we decided to drive down… Read More »

Cinch Financial Trial Review

Cinch Financial Introduction Hey there! So you should know by now that I do love testing out new financial tools. Testing many lets me know when tools are worthwhile and what to avoid. If you’ve been keeping up, you know I recommend all excellent companies – TransUnion, Credit Sesame, Mint, Credit Karma, Target, Xero, Avast, Swagbucks,… Read More »

Rapper Eminem Slams Trump

Introduction Rapper Eminem had some rather harsh words for Donald Trump recently. BET’s infamous annual Hip-Hop Awards show aired an instantly viral video of “The Storm”. It is an anti-Donald Trump freestyle by the rapper. In his 5 minute performance, recorded in a Detroit parking garage, Eminem’s unrest and anger for Trump are clear. If… Read More »

Bank of America and US Bank are Scams!

Bank of America and US Bank are Scams! – Disclaimer (Disclaimer: The content contained in this article is fact checked to stringent standards. Although it may contain some personal opinions, 90% of the content is hard fact and truth. I will fight to the death for my 1st amendment rights to free speech. Everyone should.… Read More »

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

First, I can nearly promise this in-depth article on absolutely free credit counseling and credit repair guide will help you. It is truly worth a thorough read. If you don’t have the time now, please bookmark this page. Contained are some of the best informational tips I can give. Not only that, but the best… Read More »

Post-Summer Update Rebuild Repair Credit

Intro Well, it’s (past) that time again! Post summer update time. So without further delay here it is, another progress update on Rebuild Repair Credit. To answer reader questions: What has been happening? What is new? What have you been so busy doing? How about future plans for RRC? So sit tight, I’ll get to… Read More »

Midland Credit Scam Letter

Midland Credit Scam Preface I want to state on record that I am a big fan of free speech. My opinions are my own and fully covered under my free speech rights provided in the Constitution. If you do not know your rights, look into them. Retaliation by Midland Credit or any other entity can… Read More »

Paid Credit Repair- Rebuild Repair Credit

Are you struggling with finances? Fighting with a loved one or spouse about money? Do you have a low credit score? Do you desire an ideal credit score of 750 and above? Tired of scraping by and living paycheck to paycheck? Do you need paid credit repair? Or paid financial coaching? I was too but… Read More »