By | October 2, 2016

BlueHost is our choice for hosting.
Lowest price, but best possible service.


BlueHost is the best. We were trying out several hosting providers as we were building our site and we ended our search, BlueHost. Hopefully, our users have not found the process nearly as disruptive as we have! At first, we had the impression that most hosts were high quality. I must say, we were in for a major shock. The reality and initial horror we experienced were grim. Far more than our sunny outlook.

Most hosting companies, we have found by hard experience, are actually iffy or terrible. We tried several top brands. Seeking a high uptime, fast speed, easy to use website hosting provider. Why was this so hard to accomplish? Allow us to review a few options while we explain. When you see who and why we chose the best you will agree as well. BlueHost is the only host that we will ever use now.


Failure #1 GoD****

The first hosting company we tried was a big name, many domains sold. Decent support, but still lacking. This name was so big we are almost certain you have heard of them. Our other experiences were better, but for this site they totally failed and upset us. GoD**** is the name of this service. Great domain selling and support. However, they provided us absolutely terrible service for this website. In the past the hosting was good, recently we had very bad hosting. Our hosting was a nightmare, and they even blamed their server errors on us when it wasn’t our fault! Sorry, but how is your 502 server error my website’s fault? It is coded properly. It simply was not, and they gave a full refund of hosting fees for their lies.

Hosting attempt #2 the free/cheap non-profit host

Hosting attempt number two was a non-profit host. They were cheaper, smaller, but reliable.
Reliable is great, but how was their speed? If slow phone users just leave us honestly too slow.

It was frustrating to write or update an article, many speed glitches. Some users on phones just left.
Worth the money? Well, to most, yes, but to us not hardly. We want every single last one of our users to have the best! This means much faster speeds and even more reliability and uptime from our host.


A great free or cheap host that just works

Honestly, if you need a great host that works and is a great place to start super cheap, we like them.
The company’s name is Vyper Web Services.  They may be the best free website host. If you need the absolute cheapest website and host, they are probably it. If this is what you need – they are a great start.

For us, however, as we were rapidly expanding our plan was quickly not enough. Likely they are great but we just didn’t pay enough. We love the simple, yet expansive hosting control panel they have.

Migrating a website is a terrible experience, but they helped make it easy. Another thing we loved about them is the freedom and ease of performing a site backup locally.


We have a Winner! Blue Host! Please take a bow and our applause, you deserve it!

Discovering the best hosting available, finally, after a long hard hosting battle, we have a winner! BlueHost will be our host for life. We cannot say enough great things about them, for damn good reason!

Last but not least, in our adventures of terrible hosting and finding the best. We found an awesome company by the name of BlueHost. This company provides very competitive rates, as well as easy to use service. Their customer support is top notch. You can tell they try harder than the rest. With top level hosting, top level support, and competitive rates Blue Host won the best host, hands down. So, as you can see they are the best hosting you could get. We hope that you will support them along with us and try them first. They truly are the best host possible we have seen and have no doubt they will treat you well.


Is this review accurate? Why should I trust you? Are you looking out for me?
Or are you like most sites only looking out for BlueHost and yourself?

In summary, we do not support any (not even one single one!) products or services we would not recommend to friends and family. Because our clients, friends, and family deserve the best we can find. So that is all we will ever promote to them, no b.s. offers, no scams ever, top quality offers only.


Wanted to be a sponsor and got rejected?
Don’t feel bad, we reject most.

Honestly, at this point, we are rejecting most sponsor offers, our reject rate is about 90%.
Only the top and best 10% of offers we get, ones we take or would take ourselves do we promote.
Sure we got plenty of offers to promote bad products, for more money even. (866% interest loans!?!)
Our friends, family, clients, and site users all deserve and expect far better from us, and we will deliver.

We would never even think of betraying or turning our back on even a single one of you. If you ever have any problems with any service we recommend we want to hear immediately. You would honestly be the very first one to have anything negative to say about any sponsor!



Give BlueHost a try today!

BlueHost is worth a try. We know you will be happy, to be honest. Honestly, we love the positive happy thank you replies! We do all of this very hard work to hear the positive success stories. This is what makes our hard work worth it in the end. Happy users leaving positive feedback makes our day! Think about it this way: you work really hard on something and most people are so busy they cannot respond in thanks. While that’s fine some do leave us feedback. Their glowing, positive, and happy comments brighten our days. That is why their goals and happiness are our goals as well.

Happy users and clients is our top priority. Sign up today, you will better RRC, BlueHost, and your own site as well. There are three great reasons to sign up today, do it now, please.
We are not leading you astray, you will not regret this decision.



Conclusion on BlueHost:
Sign up now to save yourself lots of problems!

To conclude, we at RRC love you all. So we hope you enjoyed our article about Blue Host and our terrible painful process to find the best host. Save yourself the gray hair, stress, headache, and expense of moving your site many times before you move to them anyway.
Sure, you can go our route and find what you don’t want first. Try the best host first BlueHost, learn from our painful experience. So start with the best hosting first, for your own benefit, please!

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Join them today – save nearly half of the cost of your hosting. Why? Because we love you!