Avast Antivirus

By | September 15, 2016

Intro to Avast Antivirus

Here at Rebuild Repair Credit we only partner with products that we ourselves would purchase.
We only recommend products we would be happy to send our own friends and family to.
One of the first companies that came to mind when looking for a partner was Avast Antivirus.
Avast Antivirus

So without any further delay may we proudly present to you this wonderful antivirus solution.
Avast antivirus has been around a long time, twenty five years now.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, and even if you have, please listen closely to the facts we’ve assembled.
Not a single employee complained about our required use of their products to keep our users safe.

When one of our best employees speaks, we listen closely! Avast Antivirus?

One of our very own employees at RRC was, and still is, a computer repair technician.
He worked in this field for 20+ years prior to working with us here at RRC.

He has been working with home and business computers for a very long time.
We personally know from our experiences that he is quite skilled to say the least.

When he was contracting through a computer shop they
won best computer repair service in the county!

Never before, and never again after he left that position.
So we know he not only knows his stuff, but he kicks butt and takes names as well.

Here is another great product they make and we fully support Avast Cleanup.

Avast Antivirus

The interview with our computer technician

So our computer guy knows all the technicals we wouldn’t dream of ever knowing.
When he saw we could partner with them he could not wait to be interviewed, even for free.

Our affilate discussion meeting went like this:
Us, “Avast, are you sure?”
Tech, “200%, could not be more sure.

“Why this antivirus of all of them, why not partner with another?”
Tech, “Best antivirus possible, period.”
“How do you know? How are you so certain?”
Tech, “So many years of many happy customers do not lie.
They are just the best, and the only antivirus worth purchasing.”

“Ok we are listening, we think we want to support Avast Antivirus.
Tell us more about them please, let us continue this interview.”

“Why did your customers like purchasing Avast Antivirus better than the competition’s products?”
Tech, “They said not only was it more affordable, but it found more items too. Also, their computers ran faster, cooler, and longer.”
“But what about the other big names? Nor***, AV*, and McA****?
People know those, how do their products compare?”

Tech, “As for the outer two big names their products did not detect nearly as many viruses as Avast Antivirus in our tests.

“Did you like the middle one? Even if we had to take a free antivirus, what is best?”

The conclusion of our interview with our computer technician about Avast Antivirus.

Tech, “Look, hands down Avast Antivirus is the winner.
Shop I worked for used the three letter guy when I first worked there.
Av* is not super bad but only the free version.
From testing however, Avast is much better, even if you go with free.
The systems we installed Avast Antivirus on stayed virus free, and ran much faster.
So much so that the repair shop only used Avast Antivirus after I insisted they try it.

Tech, “It was only using Avast, and soon after, that we won best computer service in the county. Look just try and buy Avast, you will not regret this decision at all, thank me later.”

Us, “Wow, that is an amazing story! Thank you so much for your time, and for this interview.”

There you go, our pc guy’s take on this great antivirus.

Avast Antivirus

We had great luck following his wisdom and advice through the years.
We trust only him to fix our home computers as well.
This in addition to amazing things he has done for our site.
This man is highly intelligent and very humble about it as well.

Our due research of our Computer Technician hire

We did our due research before hiring him as well.
We went as far as interviewing random clients of his.
They were super happy with his skills and service.

Upon digging the very worst we were able to uncover about this man was he was a little slow sometimes.

So that being the worst we could find we knew his skills, service, and ability were legitimate.

We never questioned the man again since, he stays very busy.
We just try to keep up with what he asks as he helps our site survive and thrive.

More research completed on Avast Antivirus from long time users:

He gave us permission to contact some of his clients for this article even.
Like we said we love this guy, he did not have to go above and beyond for us.

Could not even get these people off the phone.
They were so happy giving recommendations of Avast Antivirus and our employee.
The man does not lie for sure, these people love both him and this antivirus.

Here at RRC we know a great deal when we see one.
He is giving us a great deal on his services.
In addition giving us here at RRC, and now the world, his direct honest recommendation.
Hundreds if not thousands of his clients loved their software.
They also loved the great company and product.
Avast Antivirus has many repeat customers, and most buy again and again.

Here is an offer they gave us to share with our users, buy two get one free for business.

Avast Antivirus

Here is a quote we got from Avast directly.
We agree, they are pioneers and a most trusted company that we are proud to represent.

“Avast Software is the maker of the most trusted mobile and PC security in the world, protects more than 230 million people and businesses with its security applications. In business for over 25 years, Avast is one of the pioneers in the computer security business, with a portfolio that includes free antivirus for PC, Mac, and Android, to premium suites and services for both consumers and business. In addition to being top-ranked by consumers on popular download portals worldwide, Avast is certified by, among others, VB100, AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, OPSWAT, ICSA Labs, and West Coast Labs.”

A Summary about Avast Antivirus:

In conclusion, we hope you understand the best antivirus is Avast.
Their products you can find on our phones, our work computers, and personal PCs as well.
The performance, stability, and reliability is unmatched in this product.
Avast Antivirus is a no brainer, buy it today and thank us later when you enjoy it.

To finalize our review of Avast Antivirus, we absolutely love them, bar none.
We want to hear your experiences with Avast give it a shot, no regrets.
We believe they have a solid money back guarantee as well.
So you have nothing to lose here, you will not want your money back, we promise!

Buy Avast Antivirus today, the last Antivirus you will ever need, search no more.