Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

First, I can nearly promise this in-depth article on absolutely free credit counseling and credit repair guide will help you. It is truly worth a thorough read. If you don’t have the time now, please bookmark this page. Contained are some of the best informational tips I can give. Not only that, but the best deal I can possibly offer. Please pay very close attention.  No gimmicks or tricks. I am offering $900 of service, free, if you cannot afford it. No catch, no payment needed, and absolutely no strings attached. Read on to hear my story and find out more.
Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling? Really?

I know even for $900, my services are undervalued. My personal, one-on-one assistance is worth so much more. That is, not ego or greed. Instead, it is a confidence in my skills and abilities. You could easily pay thousands elsewhere for a lesser service. Some of my clients have and gained little to nothing. But, why? Understand you do not have to accept my help. But, bankruptcy is not cheap these days. Plus, if you declare bankruptcy, you are harming and not rebuilding and repairing your credit files. It does not matter how dire your circumstances, I will help you fix them. I make the complicated mess that is credit repair and personal finances easy. It is time to take the stress out of your credit and money situation.

Risk-free Credit Repair and Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

Try me, you have nothing to lose. I do not want a credit card number. Honestly, I prefer to see and use the minimum of your personal information possible. I will not ask for your social, unless it is required. The security of your information is a high priority. I despise spam and selling of information. My site employs SSL technology to protect you. Your participation in services may be kept completely confidential. I have helped many clients who did not want others to know about their situations. That is, until I helped them. Then, they realized they had nothing to be embarrassed about. Their past errors were left in the past. Your story is likely similar to their starting story. Beginning new and properly using credit, they succeeded in their goals. Become another success story, today!

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

Blunt Truths About Credit Repair and Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

First, most people should not have credit. Most will not use credit, correctly. Mistakes are easy, but they can be incredibly difficult to repair. Banks do not want you to have a great credit score. Why? Because if your score is lower, they charge more interest! Want to get ahead in life? Well, great credit is nearly a requirement! Sure, it is possible to survive without credit. I did so for many years. Stop putting it off! Rebuild your credit, today. Credit can recover. If you do nothing your debts will sit for 7 years. It may take years to fully recover, rebuild, and repair your credit, but I know the best tools and tricks to expedite. So please, do not get discouraged. We can do this together!

Why Absolutely Free Credit Counseling?

You can easily gain more than $900 fast from my tips and advice. This is a completely legitimate service. I am always learning every single day; constantly growing, evolving, and expanding my talents, skills, and abilities. Help me to help you.  All you have to do is ask and take action. Karma’s got my back. So do not feel bad in the slightest or worry about any inability to pay. You are not alone. Many of my clients have been in that position! I still love helping (even completely free) and am more than happy to serve you as well. I receive many blessings more valuable than cash in return. You can read more details on my paid services here.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: Debts Eliminated From Credit Repair!

Check my Twitter here: 12k+ followers in under a year. Why? Because I bring the awesome! There is a letter posted in my Twitter background that is typical of what my clients get back from their ex-collection agencies. Loosely quoted it reads, “You no longer owe this debt. We are deleting the negative information we posted from your credit reports.” All from my help. Most collection agencies run and hide. Many of them are bullies that illegally take advantage of uninformed people. Have they bullied and taken advantage of you, too? Have debt collectors ruined your credit? Well, if you let me, I can help! You may not even need to pay any of your old debts! I recently removed a medical debt that was in the thousands! My client did not pay a penny to the collection agency or myself.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: A Labor of Love

Look, I am doing my best to help as many people and as fast as possible. If you require absolutely free credit counseling and financial coaching, look no further! I will continue to provide many of my services completely free of charge to those who cannot afford them. Why? Because I view you, my reader, as a friend, and also as a part of my extended family. Please, do not feel alone. You are not. Also, understand I will be very sympathetic and empathetic to your unique situation. I literally put myself in your shoes and look at things from your point of view. I set a plan of attack from there. I will custom tailor your credit and financial restoration to your exact needs. I truly enjoy serving clients just like you and want to help.

Credit Repair Motivation via a Nightmare Apartment

Not too long ago, my family lived in a terrible apartment. It was probably one of the worst you could imagine. Neighbors screaming in the parking lot and random gunshots. I even witnessed a half-dressed couple running out of their apartment, screaming at the top of their lungs.  Our landlord would never fix anything. I had to ask at least ten times to get anything done! Maintenance staff stole. Insane late fees for under 24 hours late. The maintenance man told me he was going to tow and steal my race car. At one point, I had to stay up all night for weeks to defend my race car from being stolen! I thought, “We cannot live like this! My family deserves better! I am done with apartment life!”

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: Credit Repair Determination

Next, I learned credit repair. I stumbled upon a great debt validation letter. I made it better, easy to fill out, and more powerful. I send this letter to collections on your credit reports and most of them run – meaning debts are deleted. I  am not only rebuilding and repairing credit, but restoring America. Everyone deserves a home. Credit education and personal financial management are not properly taught in most high schools. Young adults are not prepared for the world. I was one who always paid for everything in cash. I knew some old bills were stuck on my credit, but I was unaware it was possible to remove them without any repayment.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: Older and Wiser Financial Decisions

Finally, I am older and wiser. Forget about partying and buying a newer car. I do not need a top–of-the-line video game system. A quick word about cars: We run 2003 and 2000 models. Is this because it is all we can afford? Nope! It is an intelligent financial decision! Older vehicles are cheap. Also, parts are affordable vs. newer models. Shockingly, I suddenly was no longer a bachelor. Now, I’m a triple full-time dad. Owning a home is a top priority for my family. Currently, I am gaining higher income from multiple sources. After repairing our credit, we qualified for a $250k loan with low interest, even despite our lower incomes. But, I saw through this trap. We would not have been able to keep it.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling Tip: Stay Modest In Credit and Finances

However, just because we qualified for a $250k home does that mean we should get one? No! When you purchase a home, I recommend staying under half of your qualification maximum. Also, be modest. Sure, we wanted a $250k home just like everyone else. Most people tend to max out their buying power when purchasing a home, but that is a very risky move. Unless you have gobs of extra income to spend, I don’t recommend it. Credit and homes both need to move in baby steps. Try to step too far and too fast? You fall. It is critical to your success that you use moderation in every financial decision. This is how you win at life. Mortgage default rates are 70%!

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: An Offer I Could Not Refuse

So, I am truly blessed. I created opportunity, even when there was none. I helped my friend restore a home for his family and completely free of charge. The only thing I asked was for my gas money back if they sold the house for good money. Or, I joked, cut me a deal on the house when you want to sell it. Years went by, but karma was hard at work catching back up to me. My friends went through a brief separation. They decided to sell their home. This conveniently aligned with a bogus “no reason” (The apartment building was nearly condemned and they wanted all the tenants out to rehab it.) 30-day eviction notice and my new family’s need for a home. I set a contract to pay rent until I was able to finalize the mortgage.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: Credit Repair, A Fresh Start

First, my home was valued at $74k and purchased for $35k. Thanks to great friends and karma! From terrible apartment to paying down and owning a home! I had a two bedroom and the cost was over $600 monthly. My mortgage payment is under $371! A drastic payment reduction and far more space, too. My apartment had a tiny yard, 30ftx30ft. My home has an acre of land for our use! It is surrounded by one neighbor, woods, and two creeks. I landscaped beautifully – two Colorado blue spruce trees, two pears, five apples, two peach trees, and nine rose bushes. I have a hand-built log bench and much more. My house looks and feels like home. So, do I miss the two bedroom apartment? Nah, I love our six bedroom, large home much more! It is in a town, but feels like a country home.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: Even More Motivation For Credit Repair

Like most, I, too, had children before gaining the income required to properly support them. Even after waiting until I was 35 to have children, they are still a major financial challenge. I’m now in 5th place in my family when it comes to spending money. So, I learn to earn well or starve and deprive myself to feed them. I refuse to allow my family to live in poverty and I am slowly winning. If you know anyone that needs help, please let me know. I would love to assist. Share this post with your friends and family. I have removed over a half million in consumer debts and counting for charity. I am a fairly well-known credit repair expert.

A Million First of Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

I recently vowed to not take many paying clients until I remove a million in debts for people just like you. After I have completed the removal of one million in debts, then I will charge most clients. But do not fear, even those prices are likely to be on a sliding scale. My first priority is to help, not to earn. Credit is so important and it’s not taught enough in schools or elsewhere. So, if you want credit repair for a house, a car, personal loans, credit cards, etc., I can help. Start to finish, I got your back.

Why Absolutely Free Credit Counseling? Simple, Unending Gratitude

First and honestly, I grew stronger from many hands up. I am grateful for many people. I am now doing the same to repay that karma and growing it. It continues to return mind-blowing blessings and like-minded people. I have had advanced personal training from amazing financial coaches. They trained me to be a highly-skilled, expert financial coach. They showed me a lot of love and gave me mountains of information. Now, I am here to do the same for you with absolutely free credit counseling. If you are interested and able, paid financial coaching is available here.

Faith and Love Move Mountains – Another Why for Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

So, understand I believe in you so much that I will give you at least $900 of my services completely free. Why? Because I truly and genuinely care about you. Seeing clients meet their goals and grow is so rewarding to me. Seeing you succeed is more rewarding than cash in my eyes. However, I honestly cannot offer free services for much longer. I am only one person, so I can only help so many clients. My limit is currently around 20 at a time. But, please keep in mind my free help slots are limited and fill quickly. I can provide the highest priority for paid services. So, let me guide you. Soon,  you’ll be meeting goals you thought were just dreams. I surely didn’t expect my life to go so well. But with focus, determination, and lots of effort I am going places.

The Biggest Rewards of Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

First, I did not realize how credit was so important until I repaired mine.  Life got better on many levels. After, I started helping friends and family. This helped me to understand the biggest rewards are not in cash payments. Credit repair and financial coaching is not a job or work to me. This is how I show the world love. It is what I do to stimulate the economy. So, please understand your goals are mine. I will not rest until you are where you want to be in life. I will be here for you, every step of the way.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling: Great Decisions Add Up

I want to share some more financially intelligent decisions I have made recently. I pay extra principal on my mortgage, monthly. My mortgage is ahead two years in one year of payments. I leveraged my credit to gain advanced financial training. I went to San Diego, CA , to attend FinCon. Basically, this is an intensive post-college financial conference. I crammed my brain with knowledge and skills from highly intelligent people. Even people with doctorates in finance go to Fincon for post-college training and learning. Lastly, wise investments truly pay off.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

A Powerful Quote of Absolutely Free Credit Counseling

So, I am not rich yet, but credit repair and a continued pattern of intelligent financial decisions are moving mountains for my family. I’ll leave you with the most condensed wisdom I can share – a quote from my late grandfather, Lee Crum. “If you cannot save money, even when you have no money, you will never get anywhere.” I thought he was wrong or uninformed for many years. But, only by practicing saving, even when I had no money, I was able to buy this home.

Absolutely Free Credit Counseling. Impossible? Hardly!

Finally, no sugar coating here. I will be my honest and straightforward self. Credit repair can feel impossible, but it is not. Yes, it can be difficult, because if not, everyone would have perfect credit. Without credit reports and scores, there would be no way to tell how risky it is to lend money. Your credit files and score are a measure of your risk to lenders. However, many people, myself included, do not manage credit correctly on their first try. But, that is ok and perfectly normal. They need credit repair. Never fear, because you have Joshua Crum, credit repair expert and financial coach, on your side. To conclude, you can do it and we can get it done right, together! Lastly, please try my absolutely free credit counseling by contacting me today!