About Me Joshua Crum of Rebuild Repair Credit

By | August 29, 2016

About Me: Rebuild Repair Credit began from Joshua Crum delivering excellent results publicly and privately years before going public. My main goal and utmost priority is a superior customer experience and tremendous value. I simply love helping people. It brings me great joy watching each of them grow.

But why offer low cost or free services big guys charge thousands of dollars for? Simple, I believe in people. Rebuild Repair Credit is not about me it is about you. I know everyone deserves to earn excellent credit, not just the rich and business minded. Everyday people have identity theft, fraud, bills to cash instead of insurance and other problems that lead to less than ideal credit. Also, many do not have an extra few thousand dollars to afford high-cost services. My priority goal is always to help my clients and not my paychecks like the big guys.

About Me and What I Expect From You:

Here at Rebuild Repair Credit, I promise to keep my site mostly free and open for all. Service you receive will be on a private and personal one on one basis. If you are able please give to any charity of your choice, give to our site, improve yourself.

About Me and My Goals:

At Rebuild Repair Credit I am passionate about exceeding my client’s goals and expectations. I believe that everyone should have excellent credit. So I will strive to help as many people as possible meet that goal. Everyone deserves a second chance. To have a new credit file that shows their responsibility. By helping our customers earn the trust and respect of creditors we in turn earn their trust and respect.

About Me and Our mission:

Rebuild Repair Credit and Joshua Crum vow to give clients the same respect I feel everyone deserves. This means you will find a site with lots of free information, free of spam and fraud, with tools and resources needed to completely rebuild and repair your credit. Here I will not allow anyone treated like a lesser person because of a low credit score. Here everyone is equal, there are no judgments and everyone deserves a chance.

If you are serious about rebuilding and repairing your credit then you will want to visit and revisit Rebuild Repair Credit until you have the credit of your dreams.

A note about YOU:

Also, please don’t forget that you deserve great credit. You truly deserve the things that come from great credit. Using tools and advice found at rebuild repair credit you can kiss bad credit goodbye once and for all! That new car you’ve dreamed of? You can own it! The Bigger house you only dreamed you’d qualify for? You can live there.

Great credit opens doors. What doors can I help open for you today? Keep in mind that great credit takes time. I don’t promise anything because, in the end, it all depends on you.
Will you read my insightful posts? Will you follow the steps needed? Do you want an improvement? I have total faith in each of my clients and strive to help!

In Conclusion:

In summary, there are no doubts Rebuild Repair Credit will be around for a very long time. Joshua Crum has and will continue to invest lots of time, effort, and love into his clients.
His entire goal is to build them up, even over profit. My fullest faith is in the people I help. I know the good I do will come back to me. Not only will Rebuild Repair Credit and Joshua Crum survive but like it’s clients it will thrive. The love, respect, money and credit I invest into my clients will come back no less than tenfold. I know a great investment when we I see one and I am looking at YOU! Why? Because I know that my clients are more than worth my investment!

Let’s shake on it!

Once again, I love you people and welcome any of your opinion and suggestions. So please tell me what I’m doing right, or what I can improve on. Finally, thanks for reading my about me page.
I wish you the very best credit and life possible. I hope you allow me to help you survive and thrive out there!